About Us

The Escrow industry houses many unique requirements and challenges that Transfer Co. have learnt to handle daily. With our uniquely developed service that focuses on providing our clients with a wide range of services across a number of different financial sectors. The benefits of using an escrow service enables both buyers and sellers to exchange documentation, and funding through a fully independent and non-biased third party which in turn safeguards both parties interests and ensures a smooth transaction throughout. When looking at major mergers, or acquisitions, the complexities that companies face make it almost a necessity to make use of an escrow agent, which can make for even the toughest transactions to be stress free and a simple smooth transition. By utilizing the services of Transfer Co. you will receive a high level of service and risk free handling of both your funds and important documentation.

Our Team of financial professionals provide each of our clients with a confidential and efficient service that they can depend on, whilst being completely transparent and maintaining a high level of professionalism. Being a fully independent escrow service provider ensures impartiality when working with each client, and a quality of service that is backed by our team’s wealth of experience and knowledge of the escrow sector. When working with our clients we offer a deeper understanding than they will get on their own, and ensure a simple, easy to follow process for what can, in most cases be a complex and time consuming procedure. The main differences between Transfer Co. and other escrow service providers are that we ensure that all funds held between the buying and selling parties are held in internationally recognized financial institutions and banks, this ensures that both buyer and seller are kept safe throughout their transactions. In addition to this, being an international escrow service provider, providing services to most major markets, our operational hours do cover a large majority of global time zones, meaning we are there for you when you need it. Having our main offices in Hong Kong allows us direct access to one of the largest financial Centers around the globe. This benefits ourselves, and our clients in the respect that we are conveniently placed to work with international clientele, including large corporations, corporate entities, lawyers, financial institutions, private individuals. And multinational conglomerates.