How our escrow services work

Simple and transparent Payment and Settlement

Transfer Co. works alongside both buyers and sellers to ensure that each transaction, is completed to the satisfaction of both parties. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet all contractual agreements in a timely and efficient manner, to make sure that your transactions settle on the pre-arranged settlement date.

The process of using Transfer Co.’s services are simple, all of our clients firstly will need to have a consultation with one of industry experts to ensure that we are providing you with the service that best suits your individual needs. Each client is then required to submit instructions outlining the needs and details regarding your transaction, counterparty and trade that you wish to be settled in escrow. With this information that you have provided, we will then approach the counterparty to get instruction from them, and work on creating a contract that suits both parties and can be accomplished in the given time period. Using the in depth analysis of our Escrow Experts, we will ensure that the contract is suitable for both parties, and when both parties contractual obligations are met then the assets and funds will be released in good time to the counter parties.